Bright Lights is open rain or shine

Restrooms are available for use at the entrance of the show

For your safety, please do not exit your vehicle while driving through this experience

Our Story

St. Teresa Parish was founded in the year 2,000 as a way to minister and serve the people in Bright, IN. Our large property and facilities have a story that speaks of generosity, community and joy!

Recently a conversation began around inviting people onto our beautiful property to experience joy, hope and the message of Christ- this Bright Lights was born.

The vast majority of the lights and displays that you see were donated by local residents, with the exception of our animated light show. We are delighted to keep the tradition of two prominent Lights Shows: Craven Lights and Santa Claus Lane alive here at Bright Lights.

Countless volunteer hours were put into this display and its execution. Our greeters and workers each night are volunteers excited to help you experience Christmas Joy!